How would you describe what you do?
I perform 2 main roles at Eadie Lifestyle. I lead our wonderful team in my role as CEO, ensuring our day to day operations are on point, our medium to long term business strategy is sound and our Customers are delighted. My other main role is Creative Director. I design the collection and work with our amazing suppliers to bring the designs to life.

What did you do before this, and what was the turning point in deciding to launch your brand?
Prior to this, I owned a hotel and restaurant, so very much a hospitality based business, and a far cry from what I am doing now at Eadie Lifestyle. The turning point for me I guess was divorce...reinventing myself, perhaps somewhat of a mid life crisis? :) I had 3 young beautiful daughters to raise as a single Mother and I wanted to show them by example, that they can achieve anything they put their mind to, with hard work and determination. I was driven to create something that both they and I would be proud of.

What inspires your designs, and what is your favourite piece from your latest collection?
Eadie, the character that lives in my imagination (but is very real to me) inspires my designs. I tap into Eadie's world, the travels, the food, the friendships, the love affairs and the worldly experiences she enjoys, and that ignites the design process. For eg. If Eadie has enjoyed a beautiful long lunch in the French Countryside, I focus on that, and slowly the design process kicks in, including the colours, the textures, the mood and composition of the collection.

It's so hard to choose a favourite piece, as I really do love each and every one. However if I have to choose, it would  be the Vigare Linen Cushion, I love the texture, simplicity and elegance. My other favourite piece would be our new Ordonne reversible duvet set, the blend of cashmere, linen and cotton is sublime. Plus, you get 2 completely different looks in one piece.

What about your work are you most proud of?
That it's completely authentic, and from the heart. I am obsessed with Eadie and I love the world she takes me to. We don't want to be like everyone else, we want to have a point of difference. I deliberately try to block out any commercial influences and trends. I tap into Eadie's world, and I find that keeps me true to my individual design process. It keeps us different and special. Also, and most importantly, we have a wonderful customer base who are incredibly loyal to our brand. That makes me so very proud and happy.

When you have some downtime away from work, where is your favourite place to go?
Our small farm house that we bought about 10 months ago. It is only 30 minutes from town, but it feels like a million miles away. The house was built in 1856, and the gardens and sunsets are glorious. We have dogs, sheep and chickens. I love the serenity. It's about the only time I relax. When I am there I love to cook, read and enjoy lunch on the verandah with my family and friends.

Do you have a style icon or current muse?
Eadie (of course) and Coco Chanel. Her style was timeless and she was such a visionary for her time. A true entrepreneur that was bold and took risks. 
June 02, 2022 — Marni Rees